El Capitáno, Santa’s little helper


Getting the presents ready for Christmas Day is a true team effort but the one in charge of Santa’s workshop is “El Capitáno”. You”ll know when he is working his shift when you hear the christmas music from La Sonora Matancera blast through the speakers and see him dance salsa with Mamá Noel.


Height: approximately 24 cm (depending on the position of the legs).
Material: laser-cut/-etched birch plywood, plexiglass, stainless steel bolts and nuts, colored cardboard and strip of 5 Volt LED lighting.

Legs, feet and arms are movable.

Equipped with re-recordable sound module with rechargeable lithium battery with 480 seconds recording time to record a (Christmas) song or a message for loved ones. Charging battery and recording/changing sound clip via USB Micro B, cable included.
Sound can be played by pulling out a slider and can be stopped by pushing back the slider.

Including 5 volt transformator and cable (2,0 m).