Graphic T-shirts

Get yourself THE Graphic Tee that makes heads turn.

Dull graphic t shirts galore and boring doesn’t suit you. So now is the time to leave behind stodginess and start wearing a shirt with graphics from Kootje Boef.

Wicked designs

Designs made by Kootje Boef are here to thrill and awe. Made out of passion with your enjoyment and satisfaction as key priority. 

Top notch quality

The shirts are made by Stanley and Stella and are known for the refined details, the strong fabrics and a nice fit. The method used for printing the graphic is DTG (Direct to Garment printing), a technique that ensures lots of detail and color. The prints stay crisp and vibrant for a long time when you follow the care instructions.

The fusing of the finest quality shirts with the Kootje Boef designs creates cool shirts that you want to wear again and again. So get yours now and start attracting attention.