Who or what is Kootje Boef?

Kootje Boef says;

So much f*cking awesome music to listen to and savour. Love to soak it all in and let it spark ideas and images in my mind. Same goes for movies, comics, graphic design and in general, the world around us.

I’m kind of a “Navigateur Solitaire” who really enjoys solitude and loves to travel within his head (emission-free), luckily I’m blessed with a loving family, my anchors to reality.

Started out with producing robots made from SIO, a colourful Dutch construction toy, which I combined with a handmade etching on plexiglass and led-lighting.

Tought myself to work with Inkscape an open source graphic designprogram (still working with it and loving it) and learned to operate a lasercutter at FabLab “de Kaasfabriek” in Alkmaar the Netherlands, to cut and engrave plywood and recycled plexiglass for the next generation robots.

I also got into designing prints for shirts and sweaters. Working with a printer that supplies the top-notch organic made shirts from Stanley and Stella and uses Direct to Garment-printing.

Kootje Boef is the nickname my father gave me when I was a toddler, Kootje being a diminutive of my name and Boef can be translated as rogue, rascal or scoundrel.

Imagination is where it all starts and I hope my designs spark yours.

Kootje Boef